Davide Camplani

Born in Marone (Brescia) Italy
since 1995 lives in Germany.

He taught from 1986 to 1995 in elementary schools in the province of Brescia (ITA).

Studied contemporary dance with Giulia Gussago and Claudio Gasparotto in Italy.

Folkwang-Hochschule Essen, diploma in contemporary dance (1999).

Certified as a teacher in Gyrokinesis Level I.

Studied Klein Technique with Susan Klein and Hanna Hagenscheidt.

Member of the Sasha Waltz & Guests Ensemble (1999-2021).

Actor and choreographer in various films:
“Arie” (2003), Gianluca Vallero.
“Historia” (2007), “in Between” (2012), Karsten Liske.
“The Swap” (2015), Julian Rosefeldt; Choreography: Grayson Millwood.

Choreographer and assistant director on various dance projects:
“From… To” Generations Project (2009-2010).
“Music DANCE Carmen” (2012), Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra.

“Sisters” (2014), “Lilith’s Return” (2011), directed by Frank Krug.
With three incredible actresses: Nele Winkler, Juliana Götze, Rita Seredsuß.

Choreographer and Repetitor for the Project “Human Requiem”, Jochen Sandig with Rundfunk Choir Berlin music director Simon Halsey (2016).

Director of the educational project “Open Your Ears” at the Berlin Konzerthaus (2015).

Choreographer and director of the project “AMAL” in collaboration with Medhat Aldabaal
(Project fur Willkomme zur Syrischer Künstler). As part of the first ZUHOREN (2016).

Teacher and director of the children’s dance company Sasha Waltz & Guests (2007-2021).

Presentation of the dance choreography “Obstacle” by children aged 8/10 (2019).

Last close collaboration “Ende Neu” with Veronika Riz as assistant choreographer (2022).

“Quadratur des Schweigens”.
An art film by: Maria del Pilar Garcia Ayensa.
Directed by: Maria del Pilar Garcia Ayensa, Cinematographer: Michael Laakmann,
Choreography: Davide Camplani and Claudia de Serpa Soares (2006-2023).

Dramaturg for: “Hekatombe III”. Martha Hincapié Charry; Radialsystem Berlin (2023).

Leads and creates the project “Hier und jetzt, der Körper spricht”, University Music, Theater, Media Hannover (HMTMH) with second-year students, Acting department.
Music by Jonas Mohr (2024).

Since 2015, collaborates with Laura Aimo, writer and dancer, lecturer and researcher
at the Catholic University of Milan and Piacenza working in the field of researching and teaching movement
as an educational pathway.

He founded and created

Creative Educational Movement

offers and leads workshops in Berlin and Italy.