Creative Educational Movement

Created and Guided by
Davide Camplani

"It is difficult to explain in words
an experience that must be lived"
( Francesco )

as a Direct and Practical relationship with the act of creating.
as promoting free learning methods.
as that which moves while remaining still.


These meetings are open to all who wish to deepen their knowledge of their body and the infinite possibilities of a more conscious function.

Attempting to shift away from a mindset of obligation towards a listening of this new experience.

Dynamics are transformed by detecting unknown internal forces and energies.


Listening and dialoguing with ourselves through this path is an invitation to openness and awareness to the great gift that is the dancing body at our disposal. The process of creative movement is closely related to the idea of a thinking body: motor intelligence is in constant transformation and evolution. It is important and necessary to avoid creating expectations of success of the proposed activity, thus avoiding dissatisfaction for not having achieved predetermined goals, keeping the focus and attention on complete freedom of movement. The habits of daily living movement that have developed over time will not limit the discovery of new dynamics and creative paths. The postures assumed by the body in one’s personal history can be a resource. It is precisely from here that together we will begin this new experience. By promoting this path, which considers the Creative Educational Movement on par with other languages, a new personal form of expression will become part of the ways of communicating with oneself and others.


The work will be divided into 3 parts:

  1. Practical exercises to prepare one’s bone and muscle structure in contact with a wall and floor.
  2. A proposed path to bring the body back from the horizontal reality (“lying down “) to the verticality of the bone structure itself (“standing up”).
  3. Practice of personal movement composition oriented towards using the available space.

In the end, through the new speaking body language, we will find a dialogue with oneself or with the participants in the common process.

The experience gains in value and meaning by participating in at least two / three meetings.

The individual session (Indoor/Outdoor) is a specific and unique experience sustained by the value of the here and now.

The group session (Indoor/Outdoor) experience acquires the sense of sharing with fellow human beings. The group will be composed of different generations from 18 years of age.

It is possible on request to organize an experience targeted at different age groups under the age of majority (Children, teenagers, very young people) with or without physical experience of movement/sports/dance/performance.

The dynamic workshop of Creative Educational Movement can welcome a maximum of 15 people.